About Amethyst Health Screening


We are a Lincoln based company that carries out health and wellbeing programmes in the form of a health check for employers and employees at their workplace/school.


Businesses and schools use our wellbeing programmes to provide a workplace benefit or reward for their employees. Wellbeing programmes can help to lower sickness absence because employees are made more aware of how to look after their individual health. In turn, they can increase workplace productivity, team spirit and company profits. Additionally, setting up a wellbeing programme for your employees improves your reputation as a caring employer which impresses people and they are more likely to use your services or want to work for you


We are not an occupational health service. Occupational health looks at the effects of work on an employees health e.g. is the work the employee is doing affecting their lungs or causing some other illness or disease. Occupational health also checks whether a person is fit for work, e.g. whether a person is fit and capable to climb scaffolding or drive a lorry


Inform, Reassure and Motivate


As a company we are passionate about helping to improve everyone’s personal health where possible and we do this in a way that informs whilst remaining reassuring and motivating


What is included in our screenings?


Our checks for you include cholesterol, glucose (blood sugar) and blood pressure monitoring and we look at how individual risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack can be lowered. Depending on which package you choose we also look at heart age and lung age and how to improve these#


We offer lifestyle advice which includes exercise, smoking and alcohol awareness. We also use fantastic software to help us assess your current health status and we give you a personal report during your appointment to take away which is thoroughly explained along with helpful information - this is our USP! All of this helps to make your health screening a positive experience


Our risk assessments are not limited to age groups between 40-74, so if you are a younger person you can get checked now rather than later – after all prevention is definitely better than cure


If you already have risk factors we can still do a health status assessment to see where you are and what you can improve


Our background


Amethyst Health Screening was formed because we want to offer an accessible and affordable solution to preventative healthcare


We offer fresh and engaging Health Checks in a personal and approachable way


Our company is founded on fifteen years of medical practice and in addition we are trained to carry out Health MOT’s within the workplace


We also have extensive experience in dealing with various medical issues over the past 26 years, which gives us some understanding of health issues and helps us give the personal touch. That also in turn has fuelled a strong desire to offer you a professional and friendly service 


Ultimately we want everyone to 'be the best they can be'!


#Depending on age and present health status back up




















Company Number: 07729332  Registered Address: BG Futures, Bishop Grosseteste University, Longdales Road, Lincoln LN1 3DY


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